Hello From NERFA! – The Bridge Song w/MMCM

Me with Matthew Michael and Christina Marie, singing “The Bridge Song” in a NERFA hotel room.

The 2016 Presidential election had a toll on me. Not nessecarily for the reasons you might think. It was simply that I felt there was an ever growing chasm between myself and many people I love and respect, including family members. It felt devastating, and I was only able to share these feelings with couple of close friends. For a year since then I had a song on my heart, but didn’t know how to properly express it. It just kept sounding too dark, too preachy or too cheesy.

Then by a stroke of luck I took part in a songwriting exercise with some friends, where we had an hour to write a song based on a randomly picked genre and topic retrieved from a hat. I reached my hand into the hat and cringed to see I got my own piece of paper which said “Bridge (the metaphorical kind!)” because I thought, SOMEONE needs to write this song, and obviously it won’t be me! Clearly I couldn’t run away from writing about this. I then reached my hand into the other hat and pulled out a paper that said “children’s song”. Well folks, it turns out, sometimes the best way to say something is in a way you’d tell the small children in your life. Which is to say: very simply and with as much lightheartedness as you can muster. I started out sheepishly playing this song, but as it turns out, there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do.
Also, kid’s music can be pretty rad. So there you have it 🙂

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