EMAIL:  sarahdevalliere [at] gmail [dot] com

PHONE:  (847)-404-9201

Sarah De Vallière is an award-winning songwriter who’s music cuts through the clutter. Her music deftly weaves influences of roots, folk, jazz and pop, creating a singular sound that is uniquely her own. Lyrics that are thoughtful, quirky, and honest, are matched with a signature musical vocabulary that is equal parts complex and catchy. Sarah De Vallière performs these songs with skillful piano playing, a powerful voice, and a stage presence that pulls her audience in and keeps them coming back…  Read More

THE BAND: Since Summer ’22 Sarah and her new and re-vamped all-star band have been captivating a growing fanbase with their electrifying performances. Playing a mix of catchy originals and “covers with an unexpected twist”, they hit the stage with both talent and charisma. The chemistry among them is palpable, creating an infectious energy that  transforms Sarah’s music into a dynamic force that resonates. 

“Sarah De Vallière is not an Americana act per se, but she’s got the wood and wire moxie of a seasoned songwriter swimming in and around distant and still waters… And while she’s whisking you away, the rest of her pop and sparkle wraps, envelopes, consumes, and shares the experience.”

– Rochester Beacon (Frank De Blase)

“‘Dreams on Hold’ poetically reflects the trials and tribulations of being a woman in modern society…

[De Vallière] blends elements of pop, blues, roots, soul, and gospel to create an enthralling Americana storybook.”

– CITY Newspaper





Venues Performed At:

  • Hammerstein Ballroom (NYC)
  • Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)
  • Hochstein Performance Hall (Rochester, NY)
  • Innovation Theater (Rochester, NY)
  • Record Archive (Rochester, NY)
  • Iron Smoke (Fairport, NY)
  • Lovin’ Cup (Rochester, NY)
  • Abilene (Rochester, NY)
  • The Green Mill (Chicago)
  • Hey Nonny (Chicago)
  • The Hideout (Chicago)
  • Club Passim (Boston)
  • The Burren (Boston)
  • Lizard Lounge (Boston)
  • AS220 (Providence)
  • Skinny Pancake (Burlington, VT)

Radio Performances+Interviews:

  • WGN Patti Vasquez Show (Chicago, IL)
  • WRUR “Connections with Evan Dawson” (Rochester, NY)
  • WRUR “Open Tunings” (Rochester, NY)
  • WDCB “Folk Fest” (Chicago, IL)
  • WNIJ’s “Studio A” (Dekalb, IL)
  • UIC Radio w/ John Rose (Chicago, IL)
  • Berklee’s The BIRN (Boston, MA)
  • WMWM (Salem, MA)
  • WAYO (Rochester, NY)
  • WYCE (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • WRWO (Ottawa, IL)

Festivals Played:

  • Corn Hill Arts Fest (Rochester, NY)
  • Webster Jazz Fest (Webster, NY)
  • Falcon Ridge Folk Fest (Berkshires, NY)
  • Apple Fest (Long Grove, IL)
  • Art Walk (Woodstock, IL)
  • Festival For The Arts (Billerica, MA)
  • Massachusetts Poetry Festival (Salem, MA)

Shared The Stage With:


  • 2019 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist
  • 2017 Great American Song Contest Finalist
  • 2017 DJ Showcase at FARM
  • 2011 Curtain Up! Musical Theater Writing Competition Winner
  • 2011 ASCAP Foundation Film Scoring Scholarship


“Her gripping music sends you on a journey through the past, present, and future in the title track and “Big Mover.” Evoking the intimate storytelling of Joni Mitchell, Sarah’s voice weaves whimsically around the intricacies of fingerpicking guitar style and flowery piano melodies.”

– CITY Newspaper

“Dreams on Hold is a bold musical endeavor exploring the monumental role of adults in shaping future generations… honor[ing] the musical traditions while trying to expand the boundaries.”

– NYS Music

“All that talk about building walls to push people farther apart can be depressing, but here we have the perfect antidote.”

– Glamglare

“If you need a pick me up for the day, Sarah’s latest music video is ensured to bring you a well-needed boost of delight and jubilation. ”

– Floated Magazine

“Sarah — whoa! Oh my God. She came in here with her band, and I was in my no-alcohol mode, so I was dead sober. I just kept going, ‘Stop it, Sarah, you’re making me cry.’ Her voice, and her keyboard technique, and her songwriting — those were all her songs. This city has so many talented people.”

– ZZounds.com

“She has a classical background, and it shows in the intricacy of her piano riffs, which also possess a rock’n’roll hustle. this release is standing out for me among the pack of singer/songwriter type things in that Sarah’s ability to lead her band through vibrant musical passages from behind the keyboard is obvious.”

 – The Modern Folk

“Comparable to Laura Nyro, a pianist/composer from the 60’s soul-folk underground, Sarah also has a swinging rock piano style and intellectually satisfying arrangements. While Nyro comes off as vulnerable at times, Sarah has a steadfast, empowering vibe along with sweet approach-ability.”

– On Axis Music